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TERI University of Sustainable Development

TERI Griha, Gurgaon


Planning of a campus, like planning of a city requires a long term vision, as well as a feeling of continuity and achievement at every stage of development. We propose to recreate the original planning idiom while integrating all other projects and needs that have happen along the way, offering a permanent vision to the site and a continuity of identity.

Design Intent

The project aims to:

- Renew the dialogue between the 2 sides of the valley to give significance and permanence to the project.

- Reinforce the topographic character of the genius loci.

- Create a dialogue between new buildings complexes.

- Establish a dialogue with existing structures and infrastructure at large scale and at micro scale.

- Merge architecture and landscape in a truly environmental design.

- Repair or upgrade existing infrastructure to benefit from them.

- make a commendable project that TERI could exemplify to help develop for other sites in North India, not only as a technical library but as an active promoter of building typologies, mostly in the low cost housing sector where this project can have direct potential.

Master Plan

- Plan in advance for landscaping, phasing


- The class rooms are built like pavilions on the slopping ridge, revealing the topography along the access path.

- The residential complex is built on the top edge of the Northern plateau in the eucalyptus groove.

- The café-mess is created on a planted plaza overlooking the sport and meditation center

- The Sport and meditation complex, directly on the axis of the campus is a giant eye overlooking the cricket field.  



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