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Supertech University

Rudrapur, Uttarakhand



The historical timeline of universities suggests that great universities were founded around the idea of university being the heart of the city, as the nucleus of knowledge centre from where the idea of culture and growth would emanate. Supertech University has been designed to have a similar urban character by having an incremental growth pattern and seeds for an urban agglomeration to take shape in a greenfield site with little urbanity around it. The architectural character of the university seeks to establish a modern image for the campus. The massing tries to express itself as an artificial contoured entity set on an otherwise flat stretch of land. The terraced character of the massing of the buildings reflects the proportions and character of historic Indian palaces and forts.


The master-plan has been designed to allow for a gradual phasing and easy accommodation of future coherent growth of the campus. The design is developed around a Central plaza which acts as the nucleus of the University and is surrounded by three distinct zones – Academic Building, Student Housing and Faculty Housing which would aim to be an active congregation and transition place all through the day. The Academic building and the Library building forms the Southern edge and gives a strong identity for the campus from the main road. The narrow parcel of land which forms the entrance to the site is preserved as Open space and Green cover for sports activity. The buildings have a no specific front and back, but aim to seamlessly fit into different conditions of the urban space structure. The housing achieve their highest height at the edge of the plaza and reduce in height while giving a notion of gradually merging into the landscape around.



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