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Residence of French Trade Commissioner

Sunder Nagar, New Delhi

Sunder Nagar is one of the most remarkable colonies of the post independence period. It borrows its particular identity from British colonial planning of symmetrical twin houses facing parks, high ceilings, and verandas on one side and an international modern style with long sunshade slabs, simple straight lines on the other side.

The project of this new house aims to keep a typological analogy with the neighbor in order to preserve the character of the colony.

Square proportions, floor heights, verandas and terraces are directly inspired by this inherent quality of Sunder Nagar.

On the other hand, the project focused on giving a very contemporary image of an old typology. This was achieved by creating large open spaces at the ground floor transparent between the front and the back garden in order to improve the space and light quality and provide large reception areas.

A central courtyard brings light and ventilation to all bathrooms that are kept away of the facades. The focus on a good coordination between structure and services resulted in services as technical rings without disturbing the main dedicated spaces and destroying the facades aesthetic. All HVAC systems are kept on the upper roof and travel through indoor shafts. A trench filled with white pebbles on the boundary wall achieves water harvesting.

A new type of structural glazing integrating a perforated aluminum sheet was especially developed in order to provide transparency and heat rejection at the same time, keeping the soft light of a traditional jali wall with a low maintenance material, ever changing with the sun course. The house becomes a light box at night when the illumination comes from the inside.



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