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K-12 School

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Completion Year : Unbuilt


The school is based in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a two tier city which is growing rapidly because of its natural beauty and good quality of life. The site is located 22km from the city center and is based in the outskirts where most of the land is agricultural. The site is surrounded by fields with very rich black cotton soil. A small pathway connects the main road and a set of fields amidst which the site is located. There is a proposed road which would
connect to the site. The site has a parcel of 11 acres and with a narrow front and a square back. Another parcel of 5acres abutting the narrow entrance is proposed to be procured for the school to create a green buffer. The school has been designed considering the 5acre parcel to form two circular pieces of land connected through a narrow rectangle. There is a private row housing on the North & North-west of the site along with triangular parcel of field. West has fields abutting the road and a series of low rise mountains in extreme vicinity. There is small village called Gol with a lake in the center on the South-east of the site.

The design of the school is based on the idea to have very distinct ommunal spaces like the courtyards, playgrounds and individual spaces like the classroom, activity rooms, to help in the physical and mental growth of young minds and body. Both of these spaces are connected, visually or physically through transition spaces like the corridors, terraces and cut-outs where the possibility of maximum interactions would happen. The cubes of the classrooms are arranged in a stagger such that each classroom roof creates a terrace for the classroom on next level and forms the massing of
the building. This ensures that there is an outdoor space for each individual classroom and each of this terrace will be planted with trees to create a series of cascading gardens that merge into the ground. The building is divided into two parts - Junior & Senior with a center made of library and dining. Each of the courtyards are divided in two levels, one at ground and the other at basement. The sunken courts connect to the sports facilities and the dining area. The building is designed on a typical section which can be turned in different directions to make an interesting building. This also ensures the future expansion of the building as the similar section can be added in any direction to grow as the campus grows.

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