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Jalmahal, Mansagar Lake Redevelopment Project

Jaipur, Rajasthan


The project is a public-private-partnership between the Rajasthan government and KGK Consortium. It includes the treatment and the restoration of the lake, restoration of the Jalmahal & eventually adapting it into a city museum with a reception garden on the roof. The south bank of the lake is to be redeveloped as a series of Boutique hotels, convention centre, craft bazaar, public parks and promenades etc.

Located at the midpoint between the Amber Fort and the Jaipur City, the site symbolizes two things: the world of medieval forts & classical palaces as well as the gateway to Jaipur from Delhi.


The project was inspired from the gardens built on the lakes such as the Jalmahal or the Kesar Kyari below Amer Palace. It is a series of boutique haveli's surrounded by water and canals. Tourists can experience the lake via boats connecting different parts of the site. The first level of buildings which is closer to the lake is planned to be a ground structure only, whereas the second line of buildings is planned to be of g+1 storey. Thus, all buildings get a good view of the lake. This cluster of havelis will create a new city wall and gateway to Jaipur.



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