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Revitalisation of Gobindgarh Fort

Amritsar, Punjab

Gobindgarh Fort is Maharaja  Ranjit Singh’s only fort in India. Apart from being defense bastion of the Sikh Kingdom, the fort was also a treasury.

Gobindgarh was handed by the Indian army to Government of Punjab in 2006 to be developed into a national cultural heritage of India.

Conservation challenges:-

HISTORIC BUILDINGS IN SERIOUS STATE OF DECAY due to lack of regular maintenance-urgent needs to conserve based on assessment of historic fabric.

MOAT AND FORT WALLS OVERGROWN WITH VEGETATION-requires careful removal and consolidation. Need to preserve hidden archaeology and built fabric.

DISCONNECT BETWEEMN HISTORIC BUILT AND OPEN SPACES-includes relationships of ravelins with moats, between fortification walls and inner zone (between walls, bastions and buildings) due to past activities.

MUST RECOGNIZE SIGNIFICANT LAYERS OF HISTORY-remove culturally insignificant additions/inappropriate vegetation to recover and conserve the historic spatial character.



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