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G. Varadaraj Convention Centre

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


1) Convention center with capacity of 1500 seats, fully equipped with green rooms, back stage facilities, screen storage, rehearsal room, catwalks for lighting, etc.

2) Permanent exhibition display area for around 175-200 kiosks of 9 sqm each.

3) 2 seminar/ banquet halls with capacity of 200 each.

4) Administration office for the CODISSIA staff of 50 people.

Structural Engineer: Mithran Structures Pvt Ltd
Plumbing: MCD Berl

Building Strategy:

The sheer size, height and mass of such an auditorium with large capacity, provides us with many usable vacant spaces, for example- under the seating, on the sides of the stage area etc,
Taking advantage of the same opportunity available to us, we use the sides of the stage area for admin office, rehearsal rooms, green rooms, etc. The spaces below the seating and on the sides of double height stage area on the first floor take care of all the exhibition displays. Even the services like AHU etc fit under the first level of seating.

Following the mentioned strategy instead of building separate projects, we end up saving extra foundation costs, floor area, waterproofing area etc.  Also, lobbies, toilets, pantry and fire exits are shared, which helps avoiding redundancy of common spaces and saves a lot of cost.

The program of this project includes space specifications for two different kinds of buildings. This helps us to enhance the expressions of our building in terms of form and aesthetics. We can expose all the dynamics of two different buildings merging into one. It is like the intriguing rocks of Hampi.  



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