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Anokhi Haveli

Amber Village, Rajasthan

The existing haveli is located at the end of Amber village adjoining the Kheri Gate and the city wall. The haveli was renovated in the 90's from ruins and was awarded the UNESCO prize for conservation.

The aim of the project was to create an exhibition space suitable to the domestic scale of the haveli.  Minimizing the modifications and making any change reversible for further usage.

The project proposed to reopen the niches and create visual links thereby also providing natural light and ventilation in all the rooms. The back and central courtyard were covered with a light weight steel structure and synthetic membrane to give additional exhibition /demonstration space of larger dimension.

The shape of the structure is reminiscent of the traditional domes of Rajasthan. An opening on the top gives natural ventilation and frames the blue sky of Rajasthan.

The rooms being very narrow the showcases provide light to the exhibits as well as the rooms.



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